Six Cute Cat Behaviors With Surprizing Evil Explanations

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There are apparently 2 types of people: those who understand and like cats, and the other ones just thing of them as douchebags.

It could be unpleasant to hear for cat lovers that science is supporting the haters. Research has shown that lot of things that a cat does, cute or quirky are just because they are actually kind of prudes.
No.6 – Imitation of a baby human

Kitty imitating babyThere are many different ways in which cat communicate. But vocal communication (MEOW) could mean many things, the feline could be hungry, wants your attention, or could be saying the it took a dump so you should better clean that up. Unlike dogs the cats can tune the pitch of the voice, as a result you can be manipulated better.
A recent research has shown that humans subconsciously could understand the different between soliciting and pleading meow, and run of the mill, just by hearing different feline’s recorded voice clips. The Listeners told that the soliciting sound was less pleasant and felt more urgent than the normal meow, it kind of resembles to a baby human who is hungry.
The cat crying for attention and food shows great resemblances to that of human baby. It could be considered as kitty evil genius trick. Using voice manipulation the cat sets a frequency which them prompt the human to respond quickly. We respond to these adjusted meows and purrs because it sounds annoying and like a well trained animal our natural instinct tells us to nurture the thing that is sounding like offspring, even if it has a name Bojangles and covered in fur.

No.5- Uncovered Poop is Insulting

One of the benefits of having a cat is that it instinctively drop its waste in the litter box, which eliminates the need of frequent cleaning by the owner. This behavior is not just limited to domestic cat.
There is a reason for of this kind of behavior, first it prevents being detected by the enemies and second it avoids challenging the dominant feline of the group.
So now the question is why your cat is not following its natural behavior?
The answer is easy the cat is telling you that he is the dominant species in the house by leaving poop on doormat and on your bed.
SOLUTION : If you want your house back you should not flush your poop and leave the stink all over the place. (But it might not be a good idea, right?)

Cat rubbing owner legNo.4 – Rubbing for declaration of ownership

The cat rubs against you is a gesture that means you are its property. Like other animals cats also have pheromone-oozing scent glands, which are used to convey different messages like territorial ownership, identity and sexual availability. The most important glands are in tail, face and side of body. So when a cat rubs against you it is leaving the scent in your clothes.

No.3 – Intimidating you by snake voice:

Have you ever witnessed a fight in two angry felines? You might have heard blood curling voices.
So when the cat squints eyes, bare the fangs, pushes the ears down and hisses, the feline is trying to resemble itself with an animal that is feared the most, Snake. And possibly it is being done intentionally.

No. 2- Obsessively Getting Rid of Human’s stench:

You might be thinking that the cat is cleaning itself by licking, “what a sweet animal”. The answer is no, she is trying to get your stench off of her.
Cat has glands which are stimulated during the tug on its fur, that oozes its own scent. Licking of fur increase blood flow in those glands so cat can smell more of her scent instead of your. The same type of situation occurs when you bring new boy or girl at home and the feline starts peeing. The cat is basically trying to get rid of the new scent that is being brought by you in house.

No. 1- Bringing dead animals Home
Cats like to kill, birds, mice, exposed ankles are often found as preys of cats. Cat is one of the few animal species that kills for just the fun of it.
Even after being fed properly, cat might kill the home pet bird and present its body to the home owner as a gift, if you are being considered as dominant group leader. But that is not the whole truth ….
See cats show their kittens how to hunt because of their lack of skills, so in your case the cat is giving you the bird to show you that you lack hunting skills and this is how a bird is caught.

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