Cat health tips

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You should know the answers to “why” and “how” when you want to make healthy homemade organic food for your kitty.
Buying Meat, The meat for your cat should be organic and fresh, it means it should be free from hormones and antibiotics. A nice place to buy safe and organic meat are Whole Foods Markets, the types of meat that you can buy are whole rabbit, turkey thighs and whole chicken. The bones should be included in the meat.
Buy the organ meat. The organ meat considered very rich of nutrients and vitamins. Just be aware that the organ meat for homemade food should be from non-medicated animals, because the toxins are stored in liver and other animal organs.

Purchase Phyllium, you can buy this from health and grocery food store. You can buy Psyllium husk powder. It would be easier to handle and measure.
Purchase dulse and kelp. Dulse and Kelp are great sources for tracing minerals for adding to organic pet foods. You can find both online. The powdered form is easier to use.
Buy the Salmon oil. The Salmon oil is excellent sources for important fatty acids. If possible a person should try using wild salmon oil. The farmed salmon oil has less EPA levels (eicosapentaenoic acid) and the DHA (docosahexaenoic acids). The capsules forms are the best because salmon old degrades quickly after coming in contact with air.

Get some glandular supplements. The supplements are made of real animals glands i.e. brain, spleen and heart. These are good sources of nutrients. Buy Capsules because you don’t have to crush these as compared to pills.
Important things are vitamin B and E complex. These add balances nutrients and vitamins to homemade cat foods. You can find these on pharmacy or health store.
Bring an electric grinder. The bones and meat would be easier to grind for homemade pet food

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