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Naming your cat could be a difficult process. Don’t be hasty in your selection of girl cat names, take the time and observe your kitty, some people name them according to their movement like for lazy cats the name could be “Sleepyhead” and for fast kitty you can choose “Swifty”. Kittens could also be named according to colors and sizes. The language plays an important role, so you can select them in other languages. Here is a list of Female cat names from A-Z

List of Kitten Names – A

Abbi English the sweetest
Abbie Hebrew Father’s Joy
Alley Scottish Precious
Aaliyah Hebrew Ascending or going up
Aarow English implication is swift and straight
Aayla Arabic halo of Moon
Ab German Noble strength
Angel Greek Messenger
Amber English name of a Jewel
Ayla Hebrew Oak Tree
Amanda Latin Deserving  to be Loved
Autumn Latin Fall
Angelina Greek Messenger
Athena Greek Sharp or Praise
Alice German Nobility
Aaike Dutch Sword
Ava Latin Living one or Life
Amora Spanish Love
April English Opening buds of Spring
Azalea Latin A flower name
Amy French Dearly Loved

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Tips for Choosing Girl Kitten Names

Keep the girl kitten names short

The best names for female kitten are short like having one or two syllables. Girl kittens normally like shorter names and they learn that quickly. The name you chose should not be similar to family members in the house or other pets that you might have. It should be different from commands like “no” and “come”.

Search for longevity in female cat names:

Select a names that you female cat could grow into. The names you chose should be suitable for different ages, look for a name that is suitable for adult as well as kitty.

Pay attention to the personality

The personality of the kitten has huge impact on her name. Like a pampered little kitten could be call “Princess”. Looks also play important roll. Some people chose the girl kitten names according to their breeds, for example a Rag Doll could be named fluffy and “Bombay” could be named Midnight.

Considering human names for girl kittens

The relationships of humans with pets are growing by the time. Now people consider their pet part of family. Therefore it might not be a bad idea for you to choose a human name. Just make sure the name doesn’t match anyone in the house living already.

Family vote for Female cat names:

You can involve the family in the naming process and can have a vote from family members. Write down the names that you are confused in and have discussion with people in your family. You can also get help from friends or neighbors.

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