How you can read cat food labels

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The selection of choosing cat food looks like an easy task but when you start to stroll down the aisles there are many choices.

So now the Question is how a person can select best food for you kitten?

Viewing foods that you would never eat


ADVICE No. 1 – Learning the Label Lingo:

Regardless of the packaging all food must display the Regulation sign i.e regulated by U.S government.

The name of product show what kinds of cat food it is and it sometimes also displays some key ingriedients but that is not always the case.

How much quantity of ingredients are there in container? ( The Net Weight )

Look for statement of intent or purpose, it should tell the food is especially designed for cats. This might sounds like easy thing, but each cat has some specific nutritional requirements that should be fulfilled by its diet.

It is required by the law that the List of ingriedients must be mentioned in decreasing order regarding weight, but you should know that the moisture can affect the weights. Some of the ingrients in kitten food that are affected by moisture include lamb or chicken . These ingriedients might be mentioned twice , once in dried form and the other weight would contain the results after moisture.

Gauranteed evaluations: mentions the maximum and minimum amounts of certain nutrients that includes fat, fiber and protein. The Nutrients are not the same thing as ingridients.

Feeding instructions: There should be instruction about the feeding method. These should be used as guidelines and not as hard rules, but you can ask the veterinarian for particular instructions.

Accuracy of nutritional statemet: It will tell about the age and lifestyle of cat and for what age the food is suitable for, i.e made for fully grown felines or for growing kittens.

Responsibility Statement: It shows the name of company and contact details.

ADVICE No. 2: Be careful don’t purchase kitten for cats:

The important items for selecting cat food are on the backside of food box. The nutritional accuracy statement will tell you if it suites the specific life stage of your cat, it refers to the developmental period of cat’s life cycle.

The statement mentions either Kitten food or Cat food. The food could be made for cats generally means it suites all life stages, maintenance and growth, reproduction and growth (for breeding cat), and it could also be for outdoor or indoor felines.

There are multiple combinations of food for cats, recommended by Angele Thompson, PhD, so choose the one that is working best for your feline.

Tip No. 3: Don’t be judgmental from cover of container

Advice No. 3: Don’t be judemental about box cover:

The product name is considered to be most important by some people. But “Feline food with chicken” and very different from “Chicken feline food”. These terms will tell you how much chicken a particular food box contains.

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