How one can understand its cats attitude

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You should know that the cat be as loving and attached to person as he likes. Cats are responsive and affectionate creatures. Every kitty behaves in some kind of response to your behavior. If the cat is being ignored by you, then as a result you will be ignored by the cat. So play often with your cat to stay attached.
Kitty wants attentionSometimes cat tries to get human attention by brushing itself against your legs, meowing and sitting close. Some cats might bat the eyelids to tell you that you are allowed in their area so you can fuss them. You should give your cat some attention like 15 to 30 minutes every day. This would make your kitty happy and help in bonding process.
Know that cat could take care of itself when needed. Kitty don’t need the same sort of caring as the dogs. But cat also dearly loves companionship. You should know that most of the cat owners consider them as family members. Some people even talk to the cats, sleep with them and celebrate the holidays with their cats. Cats normally greet their owners, follow them and come to the owner when called. Kittens also rub their selves against people.

If your kitty is not behaving in friendly manner may be you should spend more time with her. Call its name when you come at door, feed him and give her some toys to play with

Why the cat urinates on the bed or on the chair when humans are gone for few days. One of the causes is separation anxiety, a kitty felt attracted to the place where the scent of owner was strongest.
Getting in the plants and making mess could be a way of cat for relieving boredom; it could be a ways for coping with separation anxiety.
The better way to deal with these situations is to make your house “cat proof”. Cover the plants with plastic foil and close a bedroom door. Leave many toys out and ask the cat sitter to play with the kitty once in a while.
If your cat starts to misbehave after getting a new kitty, this could be the result of jealousy. Cats normally get stressed when change in their routine occurs. This might be due to the change in sleeping, eating and playing schedule. Your behavior might be different than before. The best solution to that is to keep the old consistent schedule. Give some time to your cat during the day. Even if you give little time to cat as long as you keep doing it on regular basis the cat would appreciate that.
Sometimes you see the kitty accidentally fall off then sit up and after looking around the cat starts to groom itself.
Although cats are considered to be solitary creatures, they sometimes get attached with each other. The other cat might get depressed for months if one of them dies. A depressed kitten could stop eating or meow constantly. In that case the kitty needs lots of attention.
Cats are very emotional creatures. They feel bored, frightened, stressed or lonely. They show their stress in different ways, like over grooming and completely forgetting its toilet habit. There are many behavior problems that could be the cause of sensitive nature of kitties.

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