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The process of selection male cat names could be troublesome but there are ways to ease that process. Sometime people chose them because of an inspiration, this inspiration could be from a famous celebrity or a book etc. Even if English is your first language you can still choose boy names from various languages. A boy kitty name that you have chosen might have alternate meaning other language because some are derived from different origins.

How to Choose Male cat names

There are some simple things that you can follow before naming your boy kitten. Like get to know the cat sometime you just naturally get the ideal names. It is also possible that you give him the name according to specific action.Like if the cat is fast the name could be “Swifty” for lazy ones it is Sleepyhead.

You can also search some naming book or you can see the meanings of boy kitten names on this page and choose. So you just select the one you find most attractive. You can also use translating words if you like for male cat names. Use synonyms, different language translations and dictionaries. Find the world that would describe the cat.

Reminding your Boy Kitten its name is also important. Call his name when you talk to cat and praise the cat by mentioning its name. Also call the name when feeding, hugging, or patting. This way the cat will learn its name quickly and would come when you mention its name.

Here is list of Male cat names from A-Z

List of Boy Kitten Names –  A

Abbott Latin Priest
Abraham Hebrew father of many
Abu Arabic Father
Aaron Hebrew High Mountain
Ace English High Ranked
Achilles Greek Derived from Achelous River
Achmed German Modern or Rare
Acrobat Greek Walking on the tiptoe
Adlib English Spontaneous
Adam Hebrew To be Red
Admiral English Rare
Admiral Ackbar English Fictional character in Star Wars
Adonis Greek Lord
Aesop Greek Author of the fables , A wise charater
Afro Italian Some one with curly hair
Al English Short form of Albert ,Noble illustrious
Aladdin Arabic From Aladdin and the Magic
Alan English Harmony, Noble or Stone
Alex English Short for Alexandra, Alex
Alf Norse Mythology Son of King Sigar




Tips for Boy Kitten Names that should be kept in mind:

Avoid using the name when you are discouraging some bad behavior. The boy kitten might associate the name with that negative feeling and probably would not want to hear that again. If you have chosen some silly name for you male cat, he might also get bad feeling when people laugh during the mentioning of names. Cats prefer the sound of letter “S”, so if you use a name with that letter the boy kitten would learn the name more quickly.

Mention the male cat names as many time during the day as you can. Try to relate the cat names with positive things and behavior, this would encourage him to respond quickly and willingly when called. Sometimes people choose the name according to their appearance like some people name them according to their color like “Blacky”. If the cat too much fur people might name the male cat fluffy.

Human baby Names for naming you Boy Kitten

There are also some baby names that you can use as male cat names. The names are not just for humans so you can chose a human name for the cat. Sometime people chose those names according to popularity and region. Pick the name that is being admired in your family most. You can have a vote from your family member about the name. The male cat names could be inspired from fiction or mythology. Some people select the name from inspiring movie characters.

Ask your friends and neighbors for suggestion on boy kitten names. Body marking could be of help during the process. The cat could already have a name so you can continue to use that. If you have two cats then don’t use simple sounding names like “litty” and “pretty”. This would confuse the kittens.

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