Top Five Tips for the Healthy Cat

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It is important that you keep your cat well fed, groomed and healthy. Read these five simple tips for keeping the cat healthy so that you can have a lovely friend for several years to come. The Five simple and easy tips are as follows:

Kitty food and important

1. Essentials for Cats:
There are some basic needs of every cat that includes water, bowls, liter box, food and glasses. Food is served in bowls and water in glasses, this makes the cat feel elegant and fancy. Carries are necessary, as are mircochips and ID collars. These tools are important if your cat is spending lots of time outside.
Do you know your cat can sleep for twenty hours in a day. But when the cat is not sleeping it spends most of its time eating, sleeping, and showing off in the windows for nearby people to admire that he is playing. Toys are great way for the cat enhance its hunting skills, you just need to make sure that your cat is fit and playing when you are not at home.
Some examples are toy mouse filled with the catnip, laser pointer, ball and colorful string. But make sure that you don’t direct the light into eyes of cat. Rotation of toys could be great and the kitty would like to rediscover and old foe or friend.

2. Chewing down
Water and food are essentials for every living person. Cat likes its water clean and fresh. You can also arrange water fountain that gives a fresh water resource to the cat. Sometime people don’t have that sort of money so don’t worry you just have to make certain that the cat gets fresh supply of water.
It will also be a nice idea to have some kind of food list. If you have a busy morning schedule just make sure to put food for that cat in clean bowl. The quantity of food should be adequate for morning meal. Cat normally overeat and gain weight if you put too much food in the bowl. You should not allow your cat to be fat.
Initially dry foods were recommended by Vets but now most of them are giving advice of wet food diet. So if you are going to use this method make sure to select a good brand and consult with your vet.

3. Litter Box
Feline is clean creature so he likes the litter box to be cleaned. If it is not clean the cat might try someplace else for food. Get a nice scoopable litter so that you can do the cleaning on daily basis. Daily cleaning and keeping an eye on the cat would allow you to check for warning signs or symptoms (i.e Abnormal frequencies of peeing, change in feces, change in odor or blood in the urine) and you should also make sure that the problems are taken care of.
A good thing would be to change the litter every week and remove the old litters. If you want to clean the box then clean it thoroughly.

4. Grooming is not so difficult
Cats are clean creatures, their saliva contains natural cleansing and deodorants properties, but they sometimes need help. You should give you cat a proper bath. This is entirely your decision and it also depends on the nature of cat. You should use warm water and cat shampoo for giving bath to cat.
The best way to groom you cat is by brushing. This would help the cat in removing excessive hair, as a result of the kitty will have less hairballs. Most cats enjoy the brushing so if your cats have long hair then make sure its tangle free.

5. Vets are there to help you
Make an appointment with the vet during the purchase of the cat, especially if the cat has been neutered and spayed. Holistic vets use natural remedies and trusted medications so they can be extremely helpful.
Regardless of vet type, the get should get its shots once in a year. Regular checkup would allow a vet to diagnose any medical problems or conditions that your cat has. This would reduce the potential diseases and extravagant vet bills.

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